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WHY gramai

AI images

AI images with prompts and prebuilt artists  styles

AI assistants

40+ assistances that respond in less than 1 second 

Content generation

 generate voiceovers ,text to speech and  content  in any  Language in the world

support system

integrated support system and live chat  from admin dashboard

Unlimited templates

Automate the Content Creation for yourself and for your clients 

Installation wizard

Become an ai agency owner With Zero coding Experience 

create and sell




Admin dashboard

Track a wide range of data points, including user traffic and sales

Your Management  tools 

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Unlimited template

70  ready made  templates 

create unlimited custom templates 

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generate content  in less than 1 Second

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Unlimited AI assistants

  40   ready made  AI ASSISTANTS 

create unlimited custom AI ASSISTANTS 

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voiceover studio

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AI speech to text

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AI images

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AI coding assistant

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One-Click Install​

easy installation process.

Passive income

prepaid and subscription plans with Fiat and crypto

Text & Format Editor

Edit your generated content from your dashboard.

Fast Technology

content generated in less than 1 second.


Ultimate experiences

Extra income

extra income with Adsense​

Generate additional income through Google AdSense when implementing free plans.


Extra income

affiliate program

Empower your users to generate increased revenue for your business through an integrated affiliate program

Extra income


use promotional codes strategically to attract and engage new users effectively.


Extra income

seo & blog

blog system with SEO optimization capabilities to enhance online visibility and maximize search engine impact

Extra income

15+ crypto

Don’t miss out on users who prefer to make payments with cryptocurrency


Extra income

Team members

users can create and manage teams

Multiple openai keys



Integrated payment getway

Online  & Offline

Team Member

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“A powerful A.I. Engine that generates conversion-focused content in any niche or business!.”

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“i Create Jaw-Dropping content for my blog in just seconds.”

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8000€/ one time


15000€/ one time

AI images
Unlimited template
AI voiceover
AI speech to text
AI code
AI assistants
All managements tools
Affiliate system
Payments gateways
Crypto payments
Free installation
Team members


How it works?

add your payment credentials and commence selling AI services without the need for any coding experience. Our easy-to-use installation wizard streamlines the setup process, enabling you to quickly install the platform and proceed with just a few clicks

why should i buy Gramai?

no monthly fees or fake lifetime fully own gramai platform where you can freely generate content for yourself from the admin section and also sell the same AI services to your customers using your brand name and your payments methods. you keep all the profit

what is sepcial about Gramai

Unlike lifetime deals or monthly fee arrangements where users remain mere consumers, GramAI empowers you to build your own brand and become your own boss. One of GramAI's standout features is its remarkable speed - generating content in less than 1 second, granting you unparalleled efficiency in your AI-powered endeavors. Additionally, the platform offers unlimited potential, allowing you to create as many AI chat assistants and templates as you need, tailored precisely to your requirements

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